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Mark of Wholesome Meat, A

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Mark of Wholesome Meat, A

Published 1964

Inside the meat plants; work of USDA inspectors.

Run time 18:19
Producer U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Motion Picture Service
Sponsor U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service
Audio/Visual Sd, C


Explains what it takes to earn the right to display the 'STAMP OF APPROVAL' given by the U.S. Department of Agriculture on packages. Describes how under the watchful eyes of federal meat inspectors in stockyards and processing plants and chemists, microbiologists, bacteriologists and histopathologists in USDA laboratories, American foreign meats must attain rigid standards before receiving the mark of wholesome meat.

16:45:50 LS pan from city street to building construction
17:01:35 LS man in hard hat (supposed to be ironworker or construction worker) sits on bright red girder of building against blue sky, takes out huge sandwich from lunch box and eats (camera zoom to CU)
17:25:82 CU red table cloth and place setting, blue plate with large ham slice set down
17:30:45 MS man, woman (facing camera) at table in restaurant
17:35:27 MCU man, woman in crowd at sporting event, he gives ÔVÕ sign with hand and catches a hot dog wrapped in paper
17:40:93 MS hot dog vendor in crowd throws hot dog
17:43:87 CU woman bites hot dog looks over to (slight pan reveals) man she ÔsaysÕ (silent) ÒItÕs goodÓ
17:50:65 MS man, woman he raises hand in a wave
17:52:27 MCU hot dog vendorÕs hands catching coins against blue sky and crowd, down to putting change into pocket
17:57:33 CU radio (pan to) picnic basket with hands of man, woman and child groping for food, woman pats away hand of child, woman hands unwraps ÒsalamiÓ package (with voice over: ÒEasy to serve prepared meats are an accepted part of our everyday life, no more grinding, mixing, slicing or even cooking at home unless you want toÓ
18:13:15 LS woman, man and three kids at picnic table
18:17:62 CU bologna on white bread with slices of square pastrami hand (woman) placed on top
18:31:90 CU labels of meat packages: ÒGerberÕsÓ (baby logo visible), ÒHood Tamales with SauceÓ, Spaghetti with meat balls
19:11:15 LS woman, man and four kids at picnic table TO MS of same TO CU of little boys eating sandwich
19:22:38 XLS above cattle feed lot (force-fed concentration camp)
19:26:90 CU distressed cows herded through lot corridor to slaughter
19:32:87 LS of one section of the feed lot, two men (white man in overalls, African American man in white coat and hat - USDA inspector) and many cows
19:39:55 MS cows in feed lot
19:42:42 MS farmer and USDA inspector
19:46:80 LS farmer separates cow from others in the pen
19:58:05 LS another two men (African American and chubby white guy - USDA inspector) in feed lot, scatter sheep
20:04:95 LS shiny metal conveyor in slaughterhouse, two men white and hard hats inspect equipment
20:19:96 MLS pan two men in white inspect equipment
20:28:13 MS two men in white talking, one holding metal hook
20:34:30 MCU carcass of cow, man inspecting
20:45:10 CU fat of cow, ÒUnited States InspectorÓ stamp stamped
20:56:65 CU Asian man in white hard hat motioning with hand
21:00:50 CU ÒU.S. RetainedÓ tag on carcass, stamped ÒU.S. inspected and condemnedÓ
21:04:76 LS dead pigs hung by hind legs, enter in CU man pushing more pigs displaying disemboweled animal split chest cavity
21:17:71 MS man in white and hard hat inspects cow carcass
21:21:58 MS white man inspects cow carcass pushes cow away revealing another man inspector
21:25:70 LS two men inspect pigs
21:32:90 LS meat processing line to CU of meat on line
21:53:90 LS meat line, trimming the fat
21:57:51 CU man, ÒUSDAÓ on hard hat
22:00:65 MS over shoulder of man inspecting gnarled meat
22:05:38 LS meatgrinder, man dumping salt into mixture TO CU of ground meat, manÕs hands dump salt in
22:18:02 MS over the shoulder of woman working at hot dog machine, long strands of frankfurters wriggle out, another woman collects them
22:25:55 CU hotdog machine pan to woamn hanging dogs
22:39:73 MS two inspector men looking into huge vat
22:43:78 CU vat with orange powder dumped in
22:53:95 CU inspector man looks back and forth (camera below)
22:59:91 CU bologna line
23:07:45 CU bacon packaging machine
23:13:89 CU sausage patty packing machine
23:20:62 CU bacon machine TO bacon package machine
23:34:25 MS over the shoulder of woman trimming bacon on line
23:40:78 MS woman and inspector man at square meat patty line
23:46:87 LS two woman, enter inspector man looks at wiener TO CU of manÕs hands at waist level holding hot dog
23:50:95 MS over the shoulder of man packing meat sample TO CU packing box
23:16:36 MS laboratory man puts meat patty on scale
24:27:07 CU patty put on scale TO cutting patty TO puts in ÒblenderÓ TO MS lab man and blender
24:52:71 CU blenders and petri dishes being filled with mixture
25:09:80 XCU petri dish, tweezers holding paper sample mix (pan to another dish) TO petri dish from above
25:37:76 XCU lab man with test tubes
25:47:36 MS lab man holding test tube (pan to) another lab man
26:04:91 MCU lab man with Bunsen burner and petri dish
26:30:16 MS African American man at magnified image machine TO CU of magnified image
26:43:98 CU lab man at microscope
26:57:62 MS *stock shots* chemist testing for proteins at machine (tilt up) to glass beakers TO CU hands and boiling liquid in beakers
27:24:78 MS lab man at lie detector like machine with voice over about Òdetermining the species of the meatÓ
27:43:85 CU species detector machine
27:59:64 MS over the shoulder of woman opening cans of meat in laboratory kitchen
28:08:44 XCU womanÕs hands opening can of meat
28:24:38 MS lab man techno looking oven, pours fat TO CU pouring
28:34:69 CU hands pouring beakers
28:43:11 MS lab man at desk TO CO of Òchromatic paperÓ
28:54:29 MS lab man exposing paper to ultraviolet light
29:15:30 MS lab man at Ògas chromatographÓ TO CU hands inserting into machine TO CU ofhand machine dials
29:35:78 CU graph
29:47:25 MS African American inspector man checking for radioactive particle on cow carcasses
29:57:80 CU African American inspector man checking for radioactive particle (shot through) cow carcasses
30:08:11 VS CU of Òanti-coincidence scaler (beta counter)Ó
30:36:35 MS two men in white on canning line
30:44:73 CU canning equipment
31:04:50 CU *stock shot* ÒChili with BeansÓ can held by womanÕs hands on electric can opener
31:07:20 XCU ingredients of ÒChili with BeansÓ
31:20:70 MS woman in kitchen at stove emptying contents of can into pan
31:28:27 XCU ÒChili con Carne with BeansÓ being stirred with wooden spoon TO pork with BBQ
31:56:40 CU ÒRegulations Governing The Meat Inspection of the U.S. Department of AgricultureÓ
32:16:38 LS office TO MS of woman and afro american man in office TO CCU man using index file
32:31:98 CU ÒFiesta BrandÓ frozen dinners
32:37:33 XCU ÒPhiladelphia Style ScrappleÓ, ÒGeorgia HashÓ, ÒSpaghetti and MeatballsÓ cans
32:46:50 XCU ÒQuick Frozen Beef StewÓ label
32:56:49 LS two women in lab coats in lab kitchen TO MS opening cabinet of cans, hands to other woman
33:11:20 XCU bacon package on notepad, woman hand writing TO CU pan frying Bacon TO plate with bacon being sliced
33:54:13 MS businessman at desk looking at graphic illustration of package TO MS man, man and woman discussing presumably illustration
34:07:50 CU man stamping documents TO CU ÒapprovedÓ stamp of USDA
34:17:65 MS *stock shot* children receiving lunches at schol lunch counter
34:34:20 CU plate with hot dog chips
34:37:29 MS man preparing cold meat platter
34:43:67 LS meat section of grocery woman pushing cart with child
34:52:76 XLS above grocery store

Food Eating Meat Agriculture Food industry Health and safety Public health Pure food Danger Lurks


Reviewer: JayKay49 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 5, 2011
Subject: When was this shot?
I assume(from the cars in the opening shot and the kitchen in which the woman is cooking) that this was made around 1960 - 65 So I'm amazed at all the Mexican food products depicted in this film. Heck where I come from Chinese was only around a few years then and a tamale? we only knew it as "chilly tamale!" but had no clue what it was. So did they shoot this in south Texas? And what happened to that delicious looking pork in barbecue sauce product? Sure looked good. Never seen that - certainly not in those days. Yum!

And kids - heads up!....this is a sure shot area for a government job...they'll be around forever. Get your app in today!
Reviewer: DuffLove - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 16, 2010
Subject: I'm from Philly, and I know what 'scrapple' is!
This is a MUST SEE because everyone enjoys eating commercially prepared meats.
Say kids, if you've never seen the insides of a slaughter house, OR the insides of a slaughtered animal, you're gonna love this film!
My scrapple eating days are long over...but I can report that whatever pork products are NOT used in hot dogs ARE what constitutes scrapple.
Now...Google Jurgis Rudkus, or just go out and read The Jungle by Upton Sinclair!
SPOILER ALERT: Red meat really isn't's gray!
Reviewer: Spuzz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 27, 2005
Subject: What on earth is 'Scrapple'?
Gorgeous movie about why the meat you eat can't be beat! LOL. This is a movie that looks to me like it hasnt screened much, because there's hardly a scratch on it. Anyways, It's all about meat inspectors! And how they examine every bit of meat that is coming to your dinner table! Before you can stop me, This film of course starts at the slaughterhouse, where split open pigs, sides of beef and other unrecognizable pieces of meat slide our way ready to be examined by the meat inspector (great hot dog making scene by the way). Curious that they make a point of repeating that these products contain 'natural ingredients' which may mean that the USDA lets a lot slide now. After this, the film slows down somewhat to go into the lab and we witness several dull experiments. But then towards the end of the film, we see many other meat products, some of which is unheard of today.. Pork Loaf! Liver Pudding! (now THAT'S gross!), Pickle and Pimento Loaf! "And other favotites". Geez Louise! Highly reccomended!
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